ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Rehman Malik in the Senate on Friday refuted US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter’s claim that supply to NATO troops in Afghanistan was continuing through Pakistan’s airspace before Opposition parties including PML-N and JI staged a protest walk-out from the House considering Malik’s statement unsatisfactory.Interior Minister told the House that Pakistan was pursuing an open sky policy but neither any airspace had been given to NATO supplies nor any airbase or airport in Pakistan has been allowed for such supplies.‘NATO need not to use Pakistan’s airspace as it was bringing supplies through Central Asian States’, he opined ,adding, that Afghanistan was situated in the West of Pakistan and Foreign Office could explain the exact situation. Earlier, Senators Zafar Ali Shah of PML-N and Professor Khurshid Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) on separate point of orders had strongly protested over US Ambassador’s revelation and asked that House that they should be informed who had allowed Pakistan’s airspace for NATO supplies.The Minister said that he would ask the Foreign or Defence Ministers to give a comprehensive briefing to the House on the matter on Monday. He also made it clear that neither President Asif Ali Zardari nor Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had issued any directions for resumption of NATO supplies through country’s airspace.Professor Khurshid Ahmed termed the Minister’s statement inaccurate and stressed that it was not possible for NATO to use the airspace of Central Asian States for this purpose.Later, JI and PML-N staged a walk-out from the House terming the statement of Interior Minister unsatisfactory. They also protested over the absence of the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs to brief the House in this connection. Zafar Ali Shah on a point of order said that the entire nation had been kept in the dark what he said that underhand deal had been made for the resumption of NATO supplies. Professor Khurshid Ahmed said that the permission to use Pakistan’s airspace was against the assurance given to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security by the government that all supplies to NATO forces to Afghanistan through Pakistan had been suspended. Earlier, responding the queries of Balochistan Senators during question-answer session of the Upper House, Rehman Malik admitted that conspiracies were being hatched to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and appealed to the Parliamentarians that it was high time for the politicians to play their due role to counter such moves. ‘Some forces don’t want that Balochistan be remain, any more, a part of Pakistan’,he further asserted. He also repeated some of his previous claims saying that some third force was involved in the killings there.Interior Minister following his earlier rhetoric said that he was ready to brief the House on the Balochistan situation in detail alongwith facts at any time during the next week in the presence of all the stakeholders.‘I can also give a detailed briefing to the Upper House in an in-camera session about the bad state of affairs of the province’, he added.He questioned that who were those people that were killing the personnel of FC, police and Armed Forces in Balochistan as 50 FC personnel had been killed during the last couple of days. ‘Who is funding such people’, he further asked the House.He also questioned that who was providing luxury vehicles, satellite phones and automatic weapons to Baloch insurgents.The Minister while building his argument that third force was involved in creating bad law and order situation in Balochistan said that the bullets used in the killing of family members of Balochistan MPA Mir Bakhtiar Domki were not Pakistan made.To a question about the implementation of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package, he said that around 85 per cent part of the package had been implemented.‘I as Chairmen of the Committee on the Implementation of Balochistan Package will arrange a meeting with the Balochistan Senators next week and will brief them in detail’, he added.Dr Abdul Malik, a legislator from Balochistan, advised the Minister that he should not enter into blame game as there was a school of thought in the province that there was no more need to remain with Pakistan.The House also unanimously passed the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Bill, 2012, to provide for the establishment of Shifa Tameer University, Islamabad before it was prorogued sine die after remaining in session for a period of around four weeks.