ISLAMABAD - Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) has taken serious notice of the US Ambassador Munter’s statement that they were using Pakistani airspace for Nato supplies and sought explanation from Foreign and Defence Secretaries that who exactly had given this permission.The Committee meeting held under the Chairmanship of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani and took up host of issues including unabated drone attacks, US Ambassador’s  statement about Nato supplies using Pakistani airspace, US Congress Committee debate on Balochistan issue and the non-committal attitude of principal player in memo controversy Mansoor Ijaz to appear before the Committee.Sources aware of the deliberations of the Committee informed The Nation that the members of the Committee were furious about the statement of the Munter wherein he said that they were using Pakistani airspace for Nato supplies and continued intelligence sharing with the Pakistani officials in ongoing war on terror.The Committee has unanimously decided to summon Defence and Foreign Secretaries to have government’s viewpoint on the statement of US Ambassador and if it was true then the Committee should be informed that who exactly had allowed Pakistani airspace for NATO supplies.Virtually the Parliamentary Committee on National Security had shelved the probe into memo controversy after Mansoor Ijaz had not responded to the notices of the Committee to appear before it on Feb 10th and the Committee members have simply authorised Chairman of the Committee Raza Rabbani to keep watching the investigations into the case by the Judicial Commission and if required the findings of the Commission be presented before the Committee for review.The Committee has refused to record the statement of Mansoor Ijaz outside the country and it was the unanimous view of the members that committee would only record the statement of Mansoor Ijaz in the premises of the Parliament House and would not proceed abroad for the purpose.Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir briefed the Committee about the details and developments in the memo case and informed the Committee that notices were served on Mansoor Ijaz through Pakistani missions in London, Washington and Bern addresses but he had not responded to any of their notice and did not appear even before the Judicial Commission for recording of his statement.Sources further informed that the Committee had strongly condemned continuous drone strikes inside Pakistani territory and debate in the US House of Representatives over the situation in Balochistan and termed it as an open interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan. The members urged the government to take a serious notice of these developments and convey to the US that it would in no way tolerate interference in Pakistan’s internal matters.Later briefing the media, Rabbani said that Jamaat-e-Islami member of the Committee Prof Khursheed Ahmad had resigned from the Committee to protest over the repeated US drone strikes and NATO supplies issue. He, however, said Prof Khursheed Ahmad is a signatory to the recommendations of the Security Committee and dispelled the impression that the JI member had differences over the memo issue. Rabbani also confirmed that resignation of Jamaat-e-Islami’s member of PCNS Prof Khursheed was formally received. ‘The JI member had no reservations on all recommendations of the PCNS. His dissident note is only about only one recommendation of the Committee and that is about US drone attacks. Khursheed signed all other recommendations’, he stated.He said in fact resignation of the JI leader was due to his party’s extreme position regarding the NATO supplies issue.