Indeed, democracy is at work in Pakistan nowadays but governance is not visible especially, in my home province, Sindh. On the other hand ‘modernity’ is visible only in the Federal Capital, Islamabad or in a few other classified areas of the country. Obviously, by all these, I mean, democracy, governance or good governance. Modernity cannot be imported or imposed from outside a country, it is we, all the stakeholders including the state, private and civil society organizations, who have to strive for it. However, the incumbent rulers must play their due role to improve the governance in the country. It does not require anything else from the rulers but their willpower and vision to improve the governance. A simple formula to improve the governance is: to reward those officers who deliver and fire those who do not know how to deliver. Indeed, one week's ruthless exercise would serve the purpose and we will have flawless governance across the country.


Islamabad, February 7.