ISLAMABAD - An attempt of Minister for Water and Power Naveed Qamar to gain political mileage by announcing end of loadshedding might fail right after February as with the first sharp sunshine visible power shortfall would appear, a top official of Wapda told TheNation.

The official said that the only reason would be non-availability of fuel otherwise capacity is not that much bigger issue in the country. The most severe problem related to power sector is line losses that created shortage of funds and increased circular debt.

The sources said that claim of minister would shatter soon and real situation will be in front of masses. Naveed Qamar has no grounds to make claims on as the government had not done anything in its four years tenure.

Pakistan is not energy thirsty but it needs cheaper energy that can solve the problems. Installed capacity data reflects that Pakistan has more than 22,000MW installed capacity and in peak times of summer, demand goes to 18,000 megawatt so there is no reason that the masses should suffer from load shedding.

The sufferings are increasing every year because government has done nothing in terms of starting cheaper energy projects like run of the river dams and small hydel projects on canals.

The sources said that the energy mix in the country should be 70 per cent hydel and 30 per cent other resources but the situation is totally opposite.

Now its hard to decided that how much burden to be transferred on the masses, the rates can be increased to 50 per cent to meet the generation cost.

The question arises that why should masses pay for line losses of more than 22 per cent which are being considered highest in the world.

It is also worth mentioning here that TheNation has already reported that Rs 160-170 billion are being paid against only line losses.