ISLAMABAD - As the political circles believe 2012 is an election year, the government is seriously contemplating to give special pay incentives to the civil servants of the country in the upcoming budget 2012-2013 to win masses support ahead of elections, it has been learnt on Friday.Background discussions with different sources has revealed that government is likely either to merge 50 per cent ad hoc relief given in 2010 in their basic pay or to grant special allowance which would be different for every scale. The government would announce their fifth and last budget of its tenure, which would be people friendly, as government want to win masses support ahead of new elections, sources added.Some of the PPP leaders have asked the government not to impose any kind of new tax or to increase the taxation rates in the upcoming budget for the financial year 2012-2013.‘It is too early to say whether government will give any special incentives to the civil servants or not in terms of salary increase, however, every government want to provide economic relief to the masses’, said an official of the Finance Ministry while making his comment on the said issue.  The annual budget for the next financial year 2012-2013 would be announced in May-June, which be the fifth budget of the PPP-led coalition government. While on the other hand it is believed that general elections would be held at the end of ongoing year 2012, therefore, government would try to provide economic relief to the masses. It may be mentioned that that government had also merged the several ad hoc relief in the basic pay in the annual budget for the ongoing fiscal year 2011-2012.