LAHORE - Sports Writers Association of Punjab (SWAP) current officials were retained unopposed for the next term of four years after the general council gave them vote of confidence at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Lahore Press Club.

After getting vote of confidence, all the officials of the provincial body thanked the members.

The retained SWAP officials for the next four-year term are: Shahid Sheikh (President), Sarfraz Ahmad (SVP), Raza Hameed, Qayyum Zahid, Syed Ali Hashmi, Sohail Ali (VPs), Amir Raza Khan (Secretray), Asher Butt (Joint Secretary), Shahzad Malik (Associate Secretary) and Farrukh Butt (Treasurer).  The new and young journalists were also awarded membership after the consensus of the house which are Mansha Cheema, Abdur Rauf Khan, Fawad Asghar, Azhar Masood Khan, Hafiz Shahbaz Ali, Rana Azar Noor, Musa Bilal, Afzal Iftikhar, Hafiz M Imran and Aftab Tabi.  With consensus, the house also nominated senior sports reporter M Babar as their candidate for Lahore Press Club elections and assured their full support to him.