THE Taung Kalat Temple near the Mount Popa volcano in central Burma is built on top of a volcanic plug - a rock formation creation by magma seeping from a volcanic vent. A total of 777 steps take visitors and worshippers alike to the summit which enjoys stunning panoramic views. It is said that these steps and the temple were once maintained by the hermit U Khandi and the temple is still home to monks today. Photographer Javier Suescun, 46, from Spain, visited the religious site and was awestruck by what he found. He said: ‘Burma still remains very closed to the outside but this location has begun to open up to tourism. ‘The vision of the temple on Mount Popa from below is incredible, almost surreal. ‘There is a long and steep climb through stairs covered by a roof and on the sides of the stairs that go up to the top there are some merchants selling souvenirs and Buddhist objects of all kinds.’                    –MO