The ugly, repressive and hypocritical face of Indian politicians, this time from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was once again put on show across the nation when Karnataka’s BJP ministers were caught viewing porn clips on their cell-phone while the assembly was in session.

With this exposure the BJP’s zealously guarded ideology has been dealt a violent blow. The ministers, by their actions, displayed a total disregard for norms that govern public behaviour, the purity of the House and failure to protect their portfolios. Even more shocking is the disclosure that one of the culprits, C.C. Patil, is the minister for women and child development who has, on occasion, espoused proper women’s dressing habits in public.

More grievous than the crime is the rationale offered by these ministers - that they were researching moral depravities in society. If anything their actions have shown that they are the ones who are degenerate and above all unfit to represent the interests of the people who have elected them.

–Gulf News editorial