WASHINGTON  - Taking strong exception to a controversial Congressional hearing on Balochistan this week, Pakistan has termed it an ill-advised move that would be detrimental to building trust between Pakistan and the United States.A Pakistani embassy spokesman in Washington said Pakistan’s ambassador Sherry Rehman forcefully raised the issue of an exclusive hearing on Balochistan by a House Foreign Affairs sub-committee in her meetings with the members of Congress and senior officials of the US administration. According to the spokesman, Ambassador Rehman said Pakistan government strongly rejects purpose and findings of the hearing and considers this an ‘ill-advised and ill-considered’ move that will have serious repercussions for Pakistan-US relations.Balochistan is an integral part of the Pakistani federation, the ambassador said. Pakistan is a democracy conducting itself in accordance with international law. The popularly elected Pakistani Parliament and the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan, the independent judiciary, a vigorous media and a thriving civil society are all avenues for expression and seeking redressal of grievances, political and economic, Sherry reminded. The Pakistan government has a strong commitment to protecting fundamental rights and freedoms in all parts of Pakistan, including Balochistan, and has initiated an extensive package of constitutional and other reforms to empower all citizens in the continuing consolidation of democracy, she said.The hearing was marked by a “blatant disregard for history and inflammatory use of selective facts.”It is deeply regrettable that the legislature of a country that calls itself a friend of Pakistan should allow itself to be used as a platform by those advocating the dismemberment of Pakistan and provided justification to terrorists attempting to hold Balochistan and Pakistan, hostage, the envoy said according to the spokesman. “Pakistan views this hearing with serious concern and considers it unacceptable in no uncertain terms. This kind of an exercise constitutes interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. The hearing will be detrimental to building mutual trust and confidence and will add to suspicions in Pakistan about the US motives in the region and concerning Pakistan,” the envoy said.The bilateral relationship and the joint Pakistan-US fight against terrorism will be major casualties at a sensitive moment when the two countries need to focus the most on defeating this common enemy, the spokesman quoted the ambassador as saying.