VANESSA Hudgens is scared of her latest costars. Vanessa - who stars alongside Liam Hemsworth and Michael Caine in her new project - encountered the oversized insects while shooting family movie The Island in Hawaii and she still having nightmares about them.

“Those centipedes were awful,” says the High School Musical actress. “They were huge with lots of legs. The way the crawled really freaked me out. I’m not usually scared of anything but those centipedes really got to me.”

Hudgens recently insisted her music career isn’t over. “I’m definitely not giving it up,” she said. “Music is such a big part of my life. My closest friends are musicians and I’m constantly surrounded by it but for me, right now, it’s not something I’ve been doing. “I’m concentrating on acting projects for now but I know I will return to music some day.”                  –GN