The present day high electricity and gas bills bring the blues to every consumer twice every month. First, an unexpected high utility bill is delivered, which comes very close to the due date inscribed on it. Why does it take the company fifteen days to print the bills and send them when they expect millions of consumers to run and pay the bill in two days? Adding to this is the limited number of outlets to pay these bills. There are long lines and generally it takes from three to five hours to pay one bill, and then we ask why there is no progress in the country? So finally the bitter consumer weeps at the inflated bill, lack of outlets to pay it and limited time to do so and then do it again!

All this can be avoided with some management on the part of the concerned departments. The main question is who is monitoring this? Is anyone responsible for bad governance on all levels of the government? The solutions are very simple and manageable, firstly the electricity and gas bills can be sent on the same day, secondly it should be made possible for everyone to be able to pay from shops near their residences or outlets like ATMs can be installed.


Kurram Agency, January 27.