Indian reaction to Pakistan’s decision in handing over the Gwadar Port to China is surprising. Though Gwadar Port issue does not affect India directly, India still showed its displeasure, as it does whenever Pakistan takes a decision to improve its economy and regional relations.

The Indian Government is always violating any efforts that Pakistan makes to improve peace between them. No doubt government, civil society and media of Pakistan have a firm belief that without peace and stability in the region, prosperity for India and Pakistan is not possible. This peace and stability is not possible without both countries having good relations.

Indian has continuously played a negative role. Five years ago, when some terrorist attacked a famous Mumbai Hotel, Indian blamed Pakistan without any evidence and the relations stalled for almost five years. With the efforts of media and civil society negotiation process started again but again Indian government derailed the dialogue process by taking advantage of some firing on Line of Control. Few weeks’ back, Indian government did not allow the Pakistan Hockey players to take part in Indian Hockey League, and our cricket players could not take part in Indian Primer League. Of course, India wants to continue sports relation on the condition that they win.

Indian poses as the champion of secularism but that is far from reality. Indian media is not free, which was proved by the latest report of ‘Reporters without Borders press freedom’. According to the index, press is more free and responsible in Afghanistan and Qatar then India. I hope that India will sincerely respond to Pakistan’s peace process initiative and save millions of lives in the region.


Rawalakot Azad Kashmir, February 7.