Lt General (retd) Shahid Aziz in a TV program spilled the beans about Kargil operation after keeping quiet for one and a half decade. Thirteen years ago, soon after the Kargil Operation, which he now portrays as a misadventure of four generals, including and headed by the then President Musharraf, Aziz not only accepted promotion and got the most coveted post of Chief of the General Staff at GHQ but even after retirement he enjoys many perks and privileges of a powerful post in the National Accountability Bureau, that was doled out to him by President Musharraf, whom his belated patriotism would like us to believe was a ‘destroyer of the country’.

Our soldiers fight and lay their lives for a cause and are imbibed with an impeccable faith in the ability and sincerity of their commanders. Shahid Aziz’s Kargil disclosure, nonetheless, would dampen the spirits of those soldiers who are, today, engaged in anti-insurgency operations in Fata and the next of kin of those soldiers who laid down their lives in Kargil operation would feel shocking remorse.


Peshawar, February 2.