For a province that has been for long remained a stronghold of the PPP, the formation of a 10 party PML-N-led coalition in Sindh is no small a development. Among these ten parties, notable ones are JUI-F, PML-F, NPP, Jamaat-e-Islami who flocked together under a single umbrella, announcing in Karachi on Saturday to field joint candidate against the PPP in the coming elections. Aware of the possibility of its rival trying to upstage it in its own lair, the PPP has thought fit to counter this by ramping up its presence in Lahore where a new post by the name of the Bilawal House has been built.

Both the traditional rivals, are up for a serious fight in the general elections and both it seems are taking no chances that could put their future in jeopardy. But tough competition is also the very essence of democracy. Take this substance out of politics and the culture and edifice that has grown over the years would face the danger of a collapse. It should also be taken as perfectly normal if one party steps out of its bastion to venture into that of its rival for the sake of canvassing. But while this right cannot be denied to any party, it has to be assured that the parties do no transgress the limits by which they are supposed to canvass. Finally, it is up to the voters to decide freely which of the parties they should vote for.