The Minister for Information Mr Kaira tried to defend PM Raja Ashraf by absolving him of the responsibility for appointment of Tauqir Sadiq as Chairman OGDC, charged with embezzlement and loss of over Rs 86 billion. The issue is the controversial appointment of Tauqir Sadiq as Chairman OGDC. Can Kaira specify how the appointment was made, who made it and on what merit? Did his appointment yield any financial benefits to state the corporations?

It is the moral obligation of the elected executives to make appointments on merit, as per their oath to uphold the constitution. All appointees of this government, selected to head large, money making organizations, such as PIA, PSO, OGDC, Hajj Directorate, Railways, CAA, Auditor General, PEPRA, PEMRA, CDA, FBR, NHA, NAB etc have only destroyed them and brought great loss and misery for people and the national exchequer.

This government selected a close friend to head PIA, under whose tenure PIA routes were sold for peanuts. It was during the tenure of his government that our state owned PR and PIA collapsed, our industry grinded to a halt because of crippling electricity shortages, lawlessness broke all previous records, whereby target killing and extortion were endured. As if this was not enough over 80,000 containers went missing and FBR tax deficits reached new records, which has even baffled IMF. The issue which Mr Kaira has forgotten is that poor governance, lack of transparency and corruption will stick to the reputation of this government making it hard for them to lay any claims to any future in Pakistan.


Sialkot, January 26.