Peshawar   - In order to present the real picture of Pakhtun nation, the International Afghan Cultural Day will be celebrated every year on September 23 in Pakistan, Afghanistan and worldwide. “To bridge the gap between people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Pak-Afghan People Forum had been formed in June 2012,” Chairman of the forum Alamzeb Khan said this while speaking at a news conference here on Monday.

Moreover, a two-day international conference had also been held in Peshawar in December 2013 under the auspices of the same forum, whereas it had been decided to mark International Afghan Cultural Day on September 23 every year. Alamzeb Khan, who is chairman of Pakistan’s chapter of the Pak-Afghan People’s Forum, said that marking the day would present the true picture of Pakhtun nation across the globe. “These days Pakhtuns are being presented as terrorists, which is totally wrong,” he added. Flanked by Shahab Khattak, Syed Bashar, Usman Khalil and others, Alamzeb Khan said through celebration of this day, we want convey a positive message to the world.