Lets for a moment leave drastic crimes such as aside murder, rape, theft and look at the more obscure and acceptable social standards which are harming our family life daily. A husband bans his wife from seeing her parents and threats her with divorce if she disobeyed. Even though his parents and extended family are fully licensed to use and abuse his wife’s services as and when they please, that is of course an inherent obligation that automatically comes along with signing the marriage certificate, bonded labour with no rights.

How can the society justify a literate man taking a second wife to satisfy his desire of a male child? While his first wife burns and withers away in scorching flames, she is advised to remain as cordial as she can. If a woman speaks she is told to shut up lest she be termed a ‘wrong choice’ as if she were on sale in a cattle market! A man on the other hand is always right and can say or do anything he pleases! The rationale being since he is the bread earner he needs to be treated with respect and at the negation of the female partner.

That is why we see so many women in our society unable to pursue their careers after marriage because the last thing the immature husband needs competition! As a result people don’t even bother educating their daughters! I plead to all parents to educate their daughters and build them into strong, confident and self sufficient young women. It is wrong to think of women as dependant burdens in somebody’s house limited to caring for children. Times have changed and an educated mother can bring up educated children with better moral values.


United Kingdom, February 8.