LAHORE - PML-Q President and former prime minister Senator Ch Shujaat Hussain said Monday that efforts being made to compare the Holy Quran with the Constitution were wrong, undoubtedly the Quran is superior to the Constitution and all other things.

Talking to media men at his residence, he said, “I pray for the success of ongoing government-TTP negotiations.” He said terrorism should end and peace should prevail in the country.

“How negotiations, terrorism and drone attacks go side by side simultaneously,” he questioned. He said he wanted to see the efforts for restoring peace in the country successful.

Shujaat said government got approved another installment of loan after meeting IMF conditions. “Claimants of breaking the begging bowl have now picked up big ‘daig’ and now it is to be seen what new lollypop is going to be offered to the people,” he remarked.

To a question about Gen Pervez Musharraf case, he said calling the army chief a traitor would definitely yield unpleasant results. “What a sepoy sitting in Siachen will think when his chief will be declared a traitor,” he asked.

To a question that present rulers were also committing treason by deviating from the constitutional path by not holding the local bodies’ elections, Ch Shujaat said that was why he was saying that violation of the Constitution would be a better word.

To another query, he said prominent Ulema and politicians including his father Ch Zahoor Elahi worked hard in the making of the 1973 Constitution, but now new people were coming up with new theories one after the other.

Earlier, Ch Shujaat visited residence of Chairman Ferozesons Abdul Salam and offered his condolence with the bereaved family members.