LAHORE  - The Lahore Transport Company has reiterated its stance not to ban Qingqi rickshaws rather they will be assigned specific routes in the city.

The LTC is collecting data about the motorcycle rickshaws and so far around 23,000 three wheelers are enrolled.

Around 125,000 Qingqis are plying in Lahore and cater the transport need of millions of daily commuters, however, they are banned as per the court order.

“The LTC entrusted with mandate to plan, enforcing and to regulate all kinds of public transport being plied on various urban routes in the city,” said the company spokesperson, adding the LTC recently launched a campaign to collect data base of motorcycle rickshaws that were currently running in Lahore.  “This accounts for it LTC has setup data collection camps at various locations where rickshaw owners are providing the required particulars.


Apart from these camps, the LTC now has commenced the Mobile Camp Service to facilitate them for enrollment process that will be reached in those areas where they have not been enrolled.”

LTC CEO Khawaja Haider Latif said that the company was not going to ban them whereas this database would help the government to decide specific routes for this mode of transport in order to further streamline the public transport that would pave the way for efficient and safe transport facilities for the commuters.