Pakistan is the only country in the world where sixty three percent of the population consists of youth, classified as those from 18 to 24 years of age. In the history of Pakistan, sports activities were never given much importance. The talent and energy of youth were never utilized in any constructive manner. Sports can also be used to divert the youth from usage of drugs and provide them with opportunities to grow physically, socially, morally and emotionally. In this regard Government of Punjab has providing sports activities to millions of youth by participating in the Punjab Youth Festival. Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif and Sports Board Punjab are successful in gathering the youth under one roof through this festival.

24 world records were made last year and this year they are aiming to make 100 records. These world records build positive image of Pakistan around the globe. This event is getting fame on international level. Youth festival is in full swing these days and in third phase of Tehsil it’s nearing its end. In this event more than a hundred thousand participants are taking part. This festival is also promoting culture, peace and brotherhood. It is the vision of Chief Minster Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif who wanted to see females excel in every field of life. The increasing number of female participation in the Punjab Youth Festival competition is a clear proof that females are playing an active role in the development of the country. This has proved that the event is also providing women a platform to exhibit their prowess at dress making and cooking. In this way old traditional housewives got a chance to share their expertise in cooking and other things.

The participants have tremendous potential that should be encouraged. These competitions are attracting large number of females. These types of activities should be encouraged without any gender discrimination to compete with each other. The best investment under current scenario would be empowering the youth. Pakistan is surrounded by multiple crises and we cannot meet these challenges without an active participation of the youth as a catalyst of change. We need to keep our youth busy in healthy sports activities which will build a soft image of Pakistan around the globe.


Rawalpindi, February 8.