The residents of Mohalla Khokhran, Nain Ranjha Road in Gojra got a rude shock of their life here the other morning when a electricity voltage fluctuation damaged their electric home appliances.

For almost two hours, the quarters continued to receive high voltage. The incident occurred at around 8:00am in the morning. Reportedly, the electric transfer installed at Gojra is unable to control and regulate power voltage. The power voltage increased that burnt wires in houses of Mohalla Khokhran, Nain Ranjha Road, Gojra here the other morning. Besides, fire erupted in one house due to short circuit and its ceiling made of wood material was burnt.

Resultantly, furniture and other house hold articles were burnt to ashes. According to residents, 15 electric motors, 5 refrigerators, 10 TV sets, above 300 tubes light and energy savers and other electric appliances were burnt.

The residents complained that earlier similar four incidents had taken place but despite their repeated requests the Gepco staff concerned paid no heed.

Punjab scheme pleases people: The Punjab government scheme to convert village ponds into playgrounds has been well received by the people belonging to all segments of life as well as residents of rural areas.

Land mafia with compliance of administration have been illegally occupying village ponds for a long time. The practice has been going on in every village. Villagers approached revenue officers for saving village ponds but no one got the ponds vacated. In some case, revenue officers visited and got the encroached area vacated but that was followed by fight and murder of complainant party.

In Punjab almost every village has one or two ponds over an area of 16 to 30 kanals. This land if got vacated can be utilised for civic amenities for the villagers, added the residents. They demanded implementation of the scheme as soon as possible. Area under ponds is enough for providing separate playing facilities for boys and girls.