Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that the ongoing peace talks between the government and Taliban were in the national interest and vital for finding out a peaceful solution to terrorism and to ensure peace in the country.

Talking to the party workers and different delegations here on Monday, he said that the eyes of the world were on the ongoing peace talks and both the sides were serious to resolve the issue while keeping the national interests into consideration. He hoped that the peace talks would be fruitful.

The defence minister added that Pakistan was playing a key role in establishing durable peace globally and battling war against terrorism as well. He said that Pakistan herself was the victim of terrorism and had sacrificed a lot for peace. He said that the whole Pakistani nation would never forget these great sacrifices.

He said that the government had made the country’s ideological and geographical boundaries very solid and strong and none could damage these boundaries. He said that the defence of Pakistan was now in very strong hands and the government had made the national defence invincible.

He revealed that the present government was fully aware of the eternal and external dangers and making hectic efforts to cope with them. He said the whole nations stands united against terrorism. He narrated that early establishment of peace and weeding out of terrorism and militancy was the top priority of the government.

Talking to local PML-N lawmakers, the minister said that there would be no gas loadshedding in the country in next year, as the government has decided to buy gas from other countries. He said that the government was implementing several revolutionary practical steps  to pull the country out of persisting energy crisis and tackling the internal and external issue.

The PML-N has successfully put the country on the highway to success, economical and political stability by taking some very important decisions on the right time in the larger national interest. He said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was striving to also make Pakistan a strong economical power after making it a nuclear power.

The government was promoting a revolutionary policy on trade with the other countries, he said and added that the policy would be helpful in making Pakistan self-reliant and stable economically depending upon the available national resources.

THREE MORE POLICE STATIONS SOON: Police have planned to establish three new police stations by dividing the three already existing and over loaded police stations in Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

The initial work had already been completed in this regard. The establishment of more police stations would be helpful to reduce work load thereby enhancing the police capacity to facilitate the people by saving their problems by saving their time and money.

Sialkot District Police Officer Muhammad Gohar Nafees disclosed this while talking to the newsmen here. He said three police stations namely Daska City police stations, Daska Saddar police station and Pasrur Saddar police stations had already been working and there had been an overload of work in these police stations.

He added that several rural and far-off areas  were closure to the urban areas’ police stations, as the police had to travel a long distance  (from one corner to long distanced second corner) to reach these far-flung areas in emergency, besides, lacking the means of communication as well.

The DPO said that the Sialkot police have now proposed the establishment of three new police stations by dividing the areas of jurisdiction of three busy police stations. He said that it was proposed that the Daska City police station would be divided and a Model Town police station would be created there and the surrounding areas to Daska City police stations would be included in the limits of this city police station.

Earlier, these surrounding areas were in the jurisdiction of Daska Saddar police Station. He said that the Daska Saddar police station and Sambrial police station areas would also be divided and a new police station would be created at Bhopalwala here. Earlier, the Bhopalwala areas villages were in the jurisdiction of Daska Saddar police station, as they were very close to Sambrial police station.

He disclosed that there were 27 police stations working in Sialkot district but only 800 policemen to secure as many as 4 million population of Sialkot district, in this regard.

He said that these suggestions had already been sent to the senior police officials at Lahore for the final approval.