LOS ANGELES-Meg Ryan grew up wanting to be a journalist. The actress, 52, had a passion for writing as a teenager and only turned to acting as a way of paying her way through college. ”My main aim, at 18, was to become a journalist. I only started acting - in commercials - to pay my way through college in New York,” she said.

”I was 19 when I was in my first film, Rich And Famous. I played Candice Bergen‘s daughter and only had about ten lines, which I would repeat constantly every night.

”When I traveled to Los Angeles, it was the first time I had ever been on a plane. I was intimidated by everyone in those days. If you ever see the film, you will see me shaking in every scene. I did not understand actors. It was overwhelming.’

”I’ve always had mixed feelings about fame. It means that you live out your worst moments in the public eye. ”I also learned that however successful you might be, you are always going to miss out on something. ”I took it badly whenever I got turned down for a role. Things either did not get sent to me or went to others first.

Acting is like any other business - you are judged with such abandon.”