PESHAWAR  - Scholar Mussrat Anwar has been recommended for the award of PhD in Psychology after successful public defence of her thesis in a ceremony held at the Department of Psychology, University of Peshawar.

The topic of her research was, “Archetypal Identification and Psychological Wellbeing: The Impact of Archetypal Polarity on Religiosity, Spiritual Wellbeing and Neuroticism.” The scholar in her research has explored the question of personal growth and maturity in relation to psycho-spiritual wellbeing in the sample of 500 Pashto speaking adults of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who were aged between 17 to 47.

The scholar found that the evidence implicating maturity in the determining of religiosity, spirituality and wellbeing were compelling in them and all of the main secondary predictions were confirmed. She discovered that psychologically mature respondents obtained higher scores on all measures of subjective psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

She found that spiritual poverty resulted in individuals, when a respondent`s major identification was with the lowered levels of ego and soul. Moreover, neurotic tendencies significantly reduced with psychological maturity and religious participation.  The scholar revealed in her study that throughout the study she found that men were more mature than women and had a greater tendency towards personal growth.

University of Swat Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Jehanzeb was her PhD supervisor while Chairman Psychology Department International Islamic University Islamabad Dr Muhammad Tahir Khalili served as the scholar external examiner.

Mussrat is a faculty member at the College of Home Economics and she has become the thirty sixth PhD degree awarded by the Department of Psychology.