PESHAWAR - Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) nominated member in the five members committee for talks with the government’s team and Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI-F) former MPA Mufti Kifayatullah has asked both the government and Taliban to take serious and dedicated decisions for the success of important peace dialogue in the existing sensitive situation.

Mufti Kifyatullah observed: “Terrorism, bomb blasts, and drone attacks are not destiny of Pakistan, while the peace is eminent for sustainable peace in Khyber Paktunkhwa, and rest part of the country.” He said the peace would have long lasting effects for stability, saying it was not right to say that peace should be given a chance. He said war could not be continued forever but peace would have to be forever. He, however, warned of dire consequences if any deadlock in negotiation between the government and Taliban happened. He said any military operation could change the map of Pakistan, explaining the country border with Afghanistan could not be the existing Torkham but here in Hayatabad.

Mufti Kifyatullah, who was later asked by his party’s Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman to stay away from Taliban’s committee, told a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Monday that Taliban were serious in holding talks and negotiations were going towards right direction.

Terming working for peace and obeying the party’s chief directions as noble cause, the JUI-F leader observed he wanted to play his role in Taliban’s nominated committee but could not do so by annoying his party’s Amir, which was binding on him. He, however, said he wanted to contribute for the noble cause through media. 

Mufti Kiyatullah said the United States wants to establish India’s hegemony over this region. He warned that if operation was again launched against tribesmen and they were infiltrated to Afghanistan, then the situations would be completely changed. He added then it would be difficult to encounter hegemony of US, NATO and Indian there. “I will give importance to negotiation, which is must like those of the army troops for protecting broader,” said Mutfi Kiyatullah. He called upon all stakeholders to show decency, as there was no chance of mistake with both government and TTP committees under the given circumstances.

Commenting on constitution of Pakistan and Sharia law, he said the constitution is Islamic but still it has space for Sharia. He said it called constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and quoted article 227 of the constitution, under which no law against Islam could be made.

He said that parliament had failed to implement the constitution, which did not mean the constitution was un-Islamic. He called for making legislation as per recommendations of Islamic Ideology Council of Pakistan, and implementation of the constitution.