ISLAMABAD - Justice Jawwad S Khawaja has remarked “our orders must not be blown into the air... the Punjab Police is not doing its job” regarding production of affidavits in Masood Janjua missing person case.

A 3-member bench of Supreme Court presided over by Justice Jawwad heard the case on Monday and directed defence secretary to file affidavits of Maj Gen (r) Shafqat Ahmad, Gen (r) Nadim Taj, Col (r) Habib Ullah, Javed Iqbal Lodhi and former defence secretary Athar Ali Abbas until February 18 at every cost.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja while reprimanding SP Pothohar town Haroon Joya for not recording statement of eyewitness Imran Shahid in Srik Lanka remarked "if you cannot do this job then tell us we assign this duty to some other officer. Four months have been elapsed and you have not come to know that under what clause UNHCR is not allowing police to seek access to Dr Imran Munir”.

The court has ordered judicial officer to explain his position before Justice Iqbal Hamid ur Rehman for not providing copy of affidavit to Amna Masood Janjua, spouse of Masood Ahmad Janjua. The court also inquired about the affidavits of officers of intelligence agencies.

Additional Attorney General (AAG) Tariq Khokhar told the court that it had issued two directives during previous hearing, and one has been implemented. Amna told the court that copies of affidavits are not being provided to her. Justice Khawaja remarked "this is our judicial order and it will (have to) be implemented”.

Police officer Haroon Joya told the court that the person, from whom we were told to take affidavit, has stated that Masood Janjua has not remained under their custody. Justice Jawwad remarked "statement of Dr Imran has not been obtained who is in Sri Lanka”. Haroon Joya told UN institution has refused to give them access to Imran Munir.

Justice Jawwad remarked "how can it be possible that they refuse us this way. Show us their reply. Police presented the reply. The judge remarked "UN is saying that local office of UNHCR be contacted in this respect. This letter makes it clear that they are ready to give permission.”

Haroon said the authorities here are not telling us. Justice Khawaja remarked "if you don't know how to conduct investigation then what we can do. One person has given two contradictory statements. He is in Sri Lanka. Record his statement and give us report on this count in next week. We will not tolerate slackness in this respect”.

Justice Jawwad remarked "nine affidavits have been received. Tariq Khokhar told that total 11 affidavits were to come and only four have been filed by him and the remaining were to be filed by defence ministry. Our orders should not be blown into the air this way”. He further remarked, "Punjab police is not doing its job. Haroon Joya should finalise his investigation and file report.”

The court said in its order that four officers have not filed affidavits despite court's orders. Defence ministry is directed all affidavits including that of Athar Abbas be filed and court's orders be implemented within a week. Defence secretary should ensure filing of affidavits. The hearing of the case was adjourned until February 18.