LAHORE - Newly-appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi Monday said the cricket board’s constitution was made to accommodate only one person but they would make a new constitution of the board with the consensus of all its stakeholders.

Talking to the reporters here at the Gaddafi Stadium, Sethi said that in past, president had all the powers which were now shifted to prime minister. “IPC ministry secretary nominated my name which was unanimously accepted by all. There is still a space of three members in management committee.”

He pointed out that this time no PCB ad-hoc or interim committee was made rather Prime Minister had used his powers according to constitution and formed a management committee. “Our first and foremost task will be making democratic constitution which must be professional and in the best interest of cricket promotion while the second task will be bring the country out of cricket isolation.”

Sethi asserted that the case of Pakistan cricket was mishandled by few people at international forum. “Though the management committee formed by the PM is given four months’ time to complete all the tasks yet its duration can be prolonged but we will try out best to accomplish all the given tasks within the given time frame.”

He said that all the Test cricketers, regions and clubs representatives would be consulted while taking any important decision regarding promotion and development of the game. “This time I have taken charge as a powerful board chairman and I will have powers to take important decision regarding the all the PCB matters. I will try my best to take all enduring and stable decisions for the betterment of cricket,” Sethi added.

He further said that the management committee would look into all the decision taken in the Zaka Ashraf’s era and all the good and constitutional decisions would be maintained while the wrong decisions would be reviewed. To query regarding PCB legal advisor, Sethi replied: “Taffazul is a very good and competent legal advisor of the cricket board and the committee will decided about his fate who has been working with the board for almost 12 years.”

Shaharyar says musical

chair game humiliating

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan Monday said the musical chair of the PCB chairmen was humiliating for the country and its cricket. Talking to the reporters here at the Gaddafi Stadium, Shaharyar said: “Whoever becomes the new PCB chairman but I can assure that I will not become the next PCB chairman.”

He further said that: "All the members of the ad-hoc committee were not present, so official meeting didn't take place on Monday. We are not on the same page as the International Cricket Council (ICC), so I won't say anything on any issue related to them.”