Prisoners are temporary expelled from society because of their sentence and their image. Yet every prisoner should have right to education, culture, healthcare, comfort, work and sport. Consequently it’s important that there should be support and service offered to prisoners. The prison sector itself has inadequate proficiency to develop a qualitative and easily accessible sports offer in prisons. Europe imprisonment policy aims to prepare prisoners as good as possible to successful return to society which is not a simple task in Pakistan. This can be done only if there is strong cooperation between prison department and the government.

Currently Punjab government and sports board have taken big step towards participation of prisoners in Punjab Youth Festival 2014. More than a thousand prisoners participated in this festival. Prisoners were never given such importance in Pakistan to participate in these types of activities. This is a step by Punjab government and Hamza Shahbaz and brought colour and entertainment into the drab lives of these prisoners. Not only male but female prisoners also registered themselves to participate in this festival. Women are given importance in society but women in prisons are always neglected. Punjab Youth Festival is providing equal opportunity without any discrimination of gender.


Rawalpindi, February 1.