Citizens protested as sewage accumulated on various roads and streets in the city has transformed into ponds thereby causing difficulties for the residents in carrying out their routine work besides spreading diseases.

However, the TMA has failed to drain out the sewage matter. The worst hit areas include Matto Bhaikey Road, Karyal Road, Haidri Chock, Nokhar Road, and adjoining streets as the sewerage system in these areas is not serving the purpose.

Talking to the media, the residents said that they had repeatedly written to the related departments against the situation but no positive result.

The people are suffering from various diseases which are spreading owing to consumption of sewage-mixed water as sewage gets mixed in drinkable water through the damaged parts of rusted supply lines. The sewerage lines of the area have completely clogged up because of not carrying out cleanliness by the Sanitation Department of the TMA.

ULEMA ROLE STRESSED: Religious scholar Mian EhsanUl Haq Sadiq has urged the Ulema from all schools of thought to come forward to play their role in weeding out terrorism and eliminating the cancer of insurgency and sectarian violence from the country.

Addressing a Seeratun Nabi (SAWW) conference held here, he said that there was a dire need of promotion of tolerance and religious and sectarian harmony, besides ensuring respect to other religions for ensuring durable peace and brotherhood in the country.

He urged the Muslim Ummah to be united and to shun their differences for the glory of Islam and curbing the menace of all the anti-Islam and anti Pakistan conspiracies.

He stressed the women to play their vital role in character-building of their children for making them good and useful citizen of the society.

Prominent among those who attended the conference included Mushtaq Ahmed Jowai, Muhammad Naseer Butt, Dr Abdul Basit, JI Ameer Dr Anwar Raza Press and Club President Athar Shafeeq Meer.