ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader, Senator Aitzaz Ahsan expressed his criticism of the peace talks with the Taliban, stating that the real stakeholders were not part of the process.

Ahsan expressing his views on the talks told senators there should have been a woman, and member of the Shia sect included in the dialogue process. He added, “The decision is for our destiny and the Taliban are holding talks with the Taliban.”

Ahsan said the release of prisoners is the main issue for the Taliban rather than Sharia law and the talks illustrated the retreat of the government.

The PPP senator added that only 30 percent of the Talibans were in the tribal areas and the remaining along with their supporters were spread all over the country. He added “The accused behind a bombing in Karachi is a local and not from FATA.” 

In response to Ahsan, PML-N leader Mushaidullah said the PPP did not take the dialogue process seriously during their term.