CERN is interested in Pakistan these days, and for all the right reasons, for Pakistan is well on its way to be granted an associate membership for The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). Somebody did something right and by some miracle, completely out of the blue; events have gone our way and taken a turn for the positive. This pleasant, yet unexpected surprise comes a year after the application was submitted and a delegation has also been sent from the scientific research facility to Pakistan in order to examine the facilities available for conducting research and the projects that are currently in the pipeline.

The best thing about a membership in CERN will be the transfer of information and the spread of innovation in Pakistan through the help of the research facility. The civil nuclear program is not the only avenue to be explored either. CERN does not only delve in nuclear science, and in fact has dappled in each and every aspect of science that sparks their curiosity. When founded, the idea was to study the smallest units of matter; atoms and their components, but in the 63 years of its evolution, CERN has moved on to even smaller components. Now their fundamental area of interest is particle physics, and breaking down atoms to their smallest possible particles to study the building blocks of the universe. The largest Hadron Collider in the world is located in CERN’s offices in Switzerland, which was used to make remarkable breakthroughs in the Higgs Boson thesis.

CERN has all sorts of scientists on its payroll, from actuarial experts to the best and brightest in astrophysics, molecular chemistry, as well as engineering and computing. Pakistan is one of few countries that can boast of a constant involvement with the studies conducted, as over the years, various Pakistani scientists have been involved in a vast array of ventures with CERN, and student programs that are already in place are likely to have immense benefits for the education sector as well.

Even if there were no tangible benefits that arose out of this membership, Pakistan should have still been glad of being able to interact with the world’s most intelligent people, for it gives an opportunity to our greatest to shine. It also gives something to our future scientists to aspire to, considering that research is becoming an arcane art in this country. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the mistrust and hate associated with all the other problems of the country. The representatives of Pakistan in this facility should be proud of their achievements, and that of the organization, in addition to being proud of the country for being able to make this a reality.