LAHORE - Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf, who was first-ever democratically elected Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, has described his removal as an undemocratic step of the democratic government.

Speaking at the news conference held here on Monday, Zaka said that he would challenge the legality of a committee formed in his absence. “It is not a good decision for Pakistan’s cricket and fans. I will consult my legal team in this regard.”

He insisted that he was still PCB chairman despite a notification by the government. “I don't think this notification by the government has any bearing on me being chairman and I am still chairman of the cricket board.”

“I wanted to seek guidance from the PCB patron-in-chief, but he did not give time for a meeting. In cricket, it is like a martial law as an elected person has been removed from his office.”

To a query, he replied that all the decisions he made as an elected PCB chief were legitimate. “A self-created explanation was given to sack the cricket board,” he said. He said that he had no idea what was the importance of one person that an elected board was dismissed. “I am an elected PCB chairman and the patron should have respected my mandate but he didn’t do so while removing me as board chief.”

He said that Pakistan's standing and image in world cricket would further be damaged after the decision taken by the government. "Such decisions will only favour India which wants to isolate us. We took a principled stand on the 'Big three' issue but now our position will be further weakened in the ICC and world cricket," Zaka said.

“In the last International Cricket Councils (ICC)’s meeting, the PCB was taunted by saying that in every meeting of the ICC, there was new chairman and this too happened now which is very shameful for the country,” he concluded.