This is with reference to JIT report about September 2012 incident in Karachi Baldia garment factory, where 289 innocent people were burnt alive, inside a factory, with circumstantial evidence such as that all the exits were closed from outside, pointing to possibility of a crime being committed and the fact that even after thirty months nobody has been held responsible. Karachi where this crime occurred is not located in FATA, but in a settled areas, where writ of constitution is supposed to prevail. Yet Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan, continues to be ruled by mafias, where murderers and mass killers roam free, harassing citizens, collecting extortion and killing anyone who dares to resist. Whether it is an elected government or a dictator, laws are subservient to whims of individuals and those who hold guns, rule!

There is no difference in either severity or monstrosity of killings in Baldia and the recent brutal murder of over 160 children in Peshawar Army Public School. Is it the destiny of people of Pakistan to be brutalised by individuals or armed groups and mafia, because those who are victims are ordinary citizens, not members of the ruling elite, whose families either live abroad, or in secured fortress?. What can you call a state, where known criminals involved in murder, kidnapping and arson are allowed to go scot-free, in the presence of a government, a parliament, police, judiciary and a paid security establishment with an intelligence network. This definitely cannot be called a democratic government, for elections alone do not give legitimacy, unless oaths taken are upheld, security of life and equal opportunities is adhered to in letter and spirit.


Lahore, February 8.