There are 500 large boats in the Mubarak village, which travel between Gwadar and Karachi, and 800 small boats for fishing which are the only source of income for this village. Most of fishermen rely on traditionally built small boats and they are unable to fish during the high tide, due to bad condition of their boats. The village is 30 kilometer from the city, the small but scenic coastal village has been inhabited by fishermen for centuries. With a population of not more than 10,000 people, the village is still without basic amenities. The fishing boats are in bad condition, which makes fishing in the open sea impossible. Several fishing boats drowned in bad seasons the fishermen living in this area are very poor and don’t have money to repair their boats or buy new ones. The government is collecting billions of rupees, in taxes from the fishing sector, but it ignoring their problems. Government should launch a development packages for these fishermen to improving their lives, something can definitely be done to bring prosperity to this fishing community.


Karachi, February 8.