Nonconformity requires systematic investigation that includes root cause analysis, followed by corrective and preventive measures. Calamities such as Peshawar incident requires systematic investigation as did all the previous calamities that we faced. Unfortunately the response is maneuvered on the directives of global players. I also don’t see any attempt to pinpoint the root cause of such attacks. As for preventive measures, the establishment has tried to take measures to repeat the same errors, with even more magnitude, multiply internal chaos. I wrote a year back, when I was moved by the pain of Quetta blast and I have the same feelings for innocent children martyred in Peshawar attack. Mere candle lighting, sympathies, condemning the evil act, mere reactionary operations on tribal areas is not the solution, we need to analyse the point of inflection in the Geo-political timeline. We never experienced such flurry of attacks on innocents before the American presence in Pakistan. If we want to stop this then we need to find the root cause as within the annihilation of the root cause, rests the secret of avoiding terror.


Karachi, December 31.