I woke up early and decided to have my cup of tea on the terrace just the way I like it. There was the lingering chill of winter still in the air, but I could almost smell the coming of spring over my danedaar. The bench was dusty; I cleaned it. Sitting down I prepared for a lovely morning with the peace and serenity of my own ever-pleasant company. Suddenly, the evanescent calm was torn apart by loud shouting. I tried to remain patient. It was not my business, it was someone else’s. I really had to control myself. I have been known to jump into others’ battles and it has landed me in a fair bit of trouble.

I tried to find where the noise was coming from and realized my hearing was not so good anymore. My interest peaked when I heard some choice abuse words hurled by a woman’s voice and I shouted “At’a girl!” being on her side of course, from across the wall, ready to leap to her defence if things got violent. I hate men who try to overpower the ‘weaker sex’ and I object to the term as well. We are not and never have been the weaker sex. We are tough, resilient and controlled, and give in many a times to soothe the fragile male ego. I continued to sip my tea and smiled. The person across the wall from me could take care of herself. She was a strong woman, who fought for her right to be a person, not a shadow. Spring certainly was here at last!