The new Hum TV drama is the talk of the town. The simplicity with which it's filmed is awe-inspiring. I for one, love the OST by Quratulain Baloch. Here are a few facts you need to know about the drama before you get hooked to it.

1.       Hamza Ali Abbasi stars in the show as Salahuddin

Salahuddin is a very boy-next-door kind of a character. He is realistic, loves his family and believes in himself.

2.        Mannu is his romantic interest

Maya Ali, the actress from Dayar-e-dil stars as his love-interest. A carefree and vibrant character who is not so sharp when it comes to studies (because she failed her BA exam)


3.       Salahuddin is studying for CSS

Salahuddin on the other hand is very intelligent and also tutors his younger sister who is best friends with Mannu.

4.       Salahuddin tutors Mannu

When Mannu fails badly, her parents decide to ask Salahuddin to tutor their daughter.

5.       Salahuddin and Mannu fall in love

Like any other Pakistani drama, love knocks their door. The two fall in love and seeing Mannu’s persistence the realistic Salahuddin falls for her.

6.       There is a huge class difference

Salahuddin comes from a humble background and Mannu is from a well-off family. So the class difference is the main villain of this story.

7.       The families are against their union

Episode 3 brings with it, the twist where Mannu’s family asks her to leave the house if she loves Salahuddin so much, to the viewer’s surprise Salahuddin doesn’t open the door of his house to let Mannu in.           

This is about it.