Pakistan today suffers because corrupt elite have ganged up together, holding state sovereignty hostage, eroding its economy and making mockery of laws in existence. This dishonesty started in 1948 with fake allotments of evacuee property, followed by Ayub’s policy of allotting state lands to salaried civil cum khaki bureaucracy and now has assumed dangerous proportions where irregularity of multiple plot allotments has been regularized. Dishonesty and corruption are crimes, while incompetence is a deficiency. If elected civil government and military dictators at helm were incompetent, than this should have reflected upon their personal assets, which expanded astronomically.

When state enterprises alone are driven to bankruptcy and tax evasion goes unpunished, while billions of dollars transferred to foreign safe havens, than this daylight robbery has been going on endlessly by design. Mere exposing these crimes in media serves no purpose, unless those named are given exemplary punishments, instead of conveniently giving them clearance through plea bargain, which only serves in promoting corruption


Lahore, December 22.