Today, the Muslim world is facing severe sectarianism.. it is not the matter of internal affair of Muslims states any more but extended internationally in the form of grand alliance led by Saud Arab.

Framing an alliance of Muslim states against terrorism Saudi Arabia being bigwig in natural resources is leading this grand alliance .If it is genuinely coalition of Muslim states against terrorism then exclusion of Syria, Iraq and Iran put a big question. This shows sectarian approach where Shia Muslim majority states are ignored to be part of this grand alliance. How an objective of eliminating terror would be accomplished against Islam, if all the stake holders of terrorism effected are not the part of anti –terrorism alliance.

Pakistani officials have become yes man to enter any kind of alliance .Pakistan joined US war after 9/11 against terrorism due to which we have lost our people ,unity, economy .We are no more strong enough to bear any lose .On one side officials deny any presence of ISIS but on the other hand ,government is sending Pakistani troops to wage a war against the impending terror threat ISIS.

It shows immaturity of foreign policy holders and would be blunder if Pakistan being active participant comes forward to fight against ISIS. Pakistan should keep side if she wants to be safe and secure from terrorists of the ISIS.


Islamabad, December 17.