The latest in the series of experts on Kalabagh dam is the chief minister of KPK, he has said, “Not only Peshawar division would sink but the whole province would also badly suffer if Kalabagh dam is built” (The Nation, Dec 19).

Tarbela dam reservoir is towering 600 feet above the Peshawar valley and has not caused any water logging in 40 years, so how can KBD reservoir, which will normally be 25 feet below Nowshera, cause any water logging. Water seepage occurs below the water line and not above it.

At the time of the peak flood the reservoir will be kept at the draw-down level of 860 feet (above sea level), 100 feet below the flood level at Nowshera,, and 100 miles away from it. The reservoir level will be raised only as the flood recedes.

I would request him to check with his party leader before issuing such baseless statements.


Lahore, December 19.