Quashing persistent rumours about a technocratic set up being inducted, it is quite good to note that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has emphatically ruled out any technocratic set up, calling it as unconstitutional. He also observed that civil and military relations have improved under the incumbent Army Chief General Bajwa. 

In an interview with the Editor of an English daily, the PM has been quoted saying that there is no provision of a technocratic set up in the Constitution, waiting for “sherwanis” will be greatly disappointed. There have been many technocrats in the past but all of them failed to deliver. This just shows that only a public representative can perform well. Moreover, the Prime Minister highlighted: the incumbent PML(N) government will complete its tenure; the Senate and general elections will be held on time in March and July this year respectively. 

With regards to civil and military relations, PM Abbasi said that present Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Baja was appointed by Nawaz Sharif and he has proven his worth by performing well. The civil-military relationship has also improved under General Bajwa, who is committed to democracy. He rejected the notion that the military establishment is involved in any manner in hatching any conspiracy against the government. Moreover, he assured that the relationship of the government with the state institutions is frequent and there are no tensions. 

In his free and frank interview, the Prime Minister talked about a number of national and international issues. His clarifications cleared many doubts and quashed rumours. These should be repeated and reiterated in the larger national interests, and everyone should concentrate on working for the betterment and strengthening of democratic system in a positive manner. This should be done instead of indulging in baseless and negative narratives.  


Lahore, January 19.