Islamabad police have arrested 19 persons for involvement in drug peddling and bootlegging activities and recovered hashish, wine and stolen bike from them.

According to police spokesman, Islamabad police have launched special crackdown against those involved following directions SSP (Operations) Waqar Uddin Syed Owing these efforts,

Secretariat police arrested accused Saad and recovered one 30 bore illicit from him. Bhara Khau police arrested 03 accused Bilal Ali, Talah and Nazeer and recovered stolen property from their possession. Karachi Company police arrested accused Qasir and recovered five bottle wine from him.

CIA police arrested accused Mubarik Ali and recovered 250 gram hashish from him. Tarnol police arrested accused Noor Rehaim and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol from him.

Homicide police recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol from the possession of arrested accused Muhammad Umer.   ACLC police arrested two bike lifter Amir Hamza  Amjad and recovered stolen bike from him.

Noon police arrested  accused Mubashir and recovered 370 gram hashish from him. Lohibher police arrested seven persons involved in immoral activities.

SSP Islamabad Waqar Uddin Syed has appreciated the performance and directed all police officials for high vigilance and monitoring against those involved in anti-social activities.

He said that Islamabad Police would also safeguard its youth from various evils like use of drugs and ensure brighter future of them. He said that it is the collective responsibility of the every person of the society to remain alert against those involve d in criminal activities in their surroundings and inform police for action against them.