HYDERABAD - The first death anniversary of eminent lawyer and human right activist Asma Jehangir was observed here on Sunday by the Special Task Force of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

Tributes were paid to late Asma Jehangir for her services for the voiceless, downtrodden and oppressed sections of the society, specially minorities, women, peasants and labourers against mistreatment done with them by powerful people, forces and groups of the society.

Eminent human right activist, student leader of the past and former Advocate General of Sindh Yousif Leghari, Prof. Arfana Mallah, Ammar Sindhu and others spoke on the occasion and paid rich tributes to late Asma Jehangir who raised voice for the voiceless people against injustices and highhandedness to them by powerful segments of the society.

They told the gathering ‘Asma Jehagir always patrolled the rights of secular liberals, religious minorities, the politically disenfranchised, wronged women, abused women as well as children.  She even fought for the constitutional rights of the very same religious extremists and hard – right nationalists who would have had her silenced, they added.

The participants of the reference also lit candles to pay homage to late Asma Jehangir who played pivotal role in the struggle to fight battle for the voiceless people and also for the restoration of democracy in the country on legal as well as human rights platforms. Prof. Abdul Majeed Chandio, Malik Inayat Kansi, Attaya Dawood, Veerji Kolhi, Taj Marri, Dr. Nazeer Shaikh, Prof. Mushtaque Mirani, Mahesh Kumar, Dr. Imdad Chandio, Javed Soz Halai, Veero Kolhi, Bhagwan Das, Zafar Junejo, Amjad Palejo, Prof. Badar Soomro, and others also spoke on the occasion.

Asma Jehangir had breathed her last on Feb 11, 2018 in Lahore at the age of 66 years due to cardiac arrest.