LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami Amir Senator Sirajul Haq has stated that had there been the supremacy of the Constitution and the law in the country, nobody would have been talking of an NRO or a deal.

Talking to different delegates at Mansoora on Sunday, he said that Supreme Court had declared NRO as a black law and even the President or the Prime Minister did not have the powers to spare those plundering public money and amassing wealth through abuse of official authority.

He said that Pervez Musharraf had made a mockery of the Constitution and the law by protecting murderers, extortionists and plunderers of public money from the clutches of the law.

However, he said that nobody would be allowed to play with the Constitution and the law now.

The JI chief urged the Supreme Court to summon all the beneficiaries of the NRO as no government had the authority to pardon the looters of public wealth, or those involved in abductions and other heinous crimes.

Commenting on the national economy, Sirajul Haq said that the figures revealed by the State Bank about the domestic loans obtained by the present government were most disturbing.

The rulers and their experts thought themselves as specialists of securing loans, he said.

However, he said, this was not something appreciable and was on the other hand, affecting the image of the country.

Sirajul Haq said that the economic Advisers of the government were bent upon making the nation beggar instead of driving it towards self-reliance.

He said that this was a wrong approach.

The JI chief said that if the rulers wanted to do any service to the country and the nation, they should abandon the policy of loans and begging and concentrate on economic reforms, documentation of the economy and strive for equitable distribution of the national resources.

He said that the government would have to adopt indiscriminate accountability in order to weed out corruption.

Apart from that, the government should amend laws in a manner that no corrupt person was able to escape, he stated.

The JI chief said that as long the law of the land revolved around individual and families, there could not be any improvement, and, added, that a change would come only when the laws were framed and amended keeping in view the interest of the country.

In a separate statement, another JI leader Hafiz Muhammad Idrees termed the attitude of the country’s politicians most irresponsible, even childish.

He said that normally, in democratic countries, the Opposition would protest against  the government’s policies and those in power would respond seriously.

He said that unfortunately, both the ruling party men and the Opposition were roaring and thundering over each other. He said that the government generally tries to satisfy the masses through their performance and not through abuses and threats.

Hafiz Idrees said that accountability and justice were the essential qualities of every civilised society.

He said that unless the plundered wealth was recovered, the nation would not be benefitted at all.

He said that the legislature should do its job with a sense of responsibility while the law enforcement institutions should perform their duties in accordance with the law.

He said the job of the courts was to weed out injustice and not to indulge in politics. He said if the courts dispensed justice and provided relief to the wronged, the country would l move towards progress.