LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority and the Anti-Corruption Establishment Punjab jointly launched a crackdown on unlawful construction activities as well as illegal housing schemes in the areas under LDA’s jurisdiction on Sunday. The Town Planning Wing of LDA sealed Eastern Marquee situated along Canal Road near Wafaqi Colony and demolished other illegal structures that had been built on unauthorized site. It is pertinent to mention her that the Anti-Corruption Establishment Punjab and LDA had constituted a committee to curb illegal housing schemes and violation of building by-laws. A joint action team of eight officers of both departments makes the committee. Members of the committee are director of (TP)-III, LDA director (MP)-I, LDA, deputy director, TP, (DTP-IV Zone), LDA, deputy director, MP, (DMP-III Zone), LDA, assistant directors, deputy directors and director of the respective area, deputy director (Technical), ACE, Lahore Region, Lahore, assistant director (technical), ACE, Lahore Region, Lahore and any co-opted member.–Staff Reporter