KAMALIA-Police arrested a man of Chak 749 G/B for killing his wife and three-year-old daughter here the other day. As per police report, Ramazan, a local sugar mills worker, had an argument with his wife Razia some three weeks ago. She left for her parents’ house with her three-year-old daughter Aasma, but Ramazan reconciled with her and brought her back. However, Ramazan killed his wife and daughter as soon as they reached home and buried the dead bodies in the courtyard of the house. Qaisar Abbas, Razia’s brother, asked the suspect about his sister but the accused could not convince him of her whereabouts. Police searched the house and dug up the dead bodies from the courtyard and arrested Ramazan who later confessed to the killings. Kamalia police lodged a case against the accused Ramazan, Mazhar, Kausar Bibi and two other unidentified persons on the written complaint of Qaisar Abbas, brother of Razia, while the dead bodies were handed over to the family after autopsy.