BUREWALA-Former prime minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that nobody has asked the government for NRO and if someone has made any such request, the government should make his name public.

"Nobody has sought any deal from the government and the government merely distracting people's attention from real issues by raising such self-made claims," he pointed out, adding that the government should dealing with real problems bravely instead of making such unfounded claims.

Gilani said, "I do not understand that why my name was put on exit control list (ECL) as I was going to attend a conference abroad as keynote speaker besides putting my name on ECL is a violation of the court's order," he regretted. He said that in Sindh public rallies are not linked with money-laundering and fake bank accounts case.

Gilani said that the PTI government has failed at all fronts, which is visible from its poor policies and inept handling of the state affairs, from economy to running parliament.

Former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani was talking to the local media after offering condolence to family members of late PPP leader Col (r) Rao Abid Ali Khan at Mujahid Colony here Sunday afternoon.

He claimed that the masses have pinned high hopes on the PTI but it stands exposed within six months of government.

He termed Sahiwal tragedy failure of the PTI government, saying it were gruesome killings.

"The bereaved family must be provided justice, fair and timely and the government should make an example of the case to avert any such tragedy in the future," he emphasised.

Gilani recalled that as many as 26 cases were framed against him in the Nawaz government and he faced all the cases with smile. The ex-PM declared that the PPP respect all institutions but institutions should work within its constitutional ambit.

Responding a question about whether or not the government will completes its term, Gilani said that it depends on its performance. He stressed that the accountability should be across the board and impartial. "But the present government is taking revenge from political opponents in the name of accountability," he alleged. He claimed that it was PPP government that had passed a resolution on South Punjab province from the Senate, adding that the PTI government would not make South Punjab province rather would merely set up an make "English style" secretariat to hoodwink the people. "We are ready to help the government in the formation of South Punjab province," he expressed his support.

Responding a query as to when the government is going? Yousaf Raza Gilani grinned and said that he is not an astrologer. "Imran Khan is the only political leader of Pakistan who has all the basic rights and nobody other has any right," he lamented. He condemned the government for imposing restrictions on media and arresting senior journalist Rizwan Razi. Gilani claimed that his government had given all freedom to media and access to information bill was also passed by his government.

Earlier, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani arrived in Burewala on a short visit. He went to the residence of late PPP leader Col (r) Abid Ali Khan and expressed his condolence over his demise. He also offered fateha for eternal peace and rest of the departed soul.