PHILADELPHIA-Richard Gere ''instantly'' fell in love with his wife Alejandra Silva when they met four years ago. Richard Gere ''instantly'' fell in love with his wife Alejandra Silva.

The 69-year-old actor - who was previously married to Cindy Crawford and has a 19-year-old son, Homer, from his second marriage to Carey Lowell - felt a connection he'd never experienced before when he first met the 35-year-old beauty almost five years ago.

Asked if he fell in love at first sight, he said: ''Instant from my side. I instantly became happy just looking at her. It was one of those powerful things.

And pressed on if he's felt the same connection in the past, he said: ''Yes, I've been married three times, but it didn't happen with the kind of power of this one. But I do remember the first time I met each of my wives.''

Though the 'Pretty Woman' star's previous two marriages ended in divorce, Richard doesn't hold any ill feeling towards either of his ex-wives. He simply said: ''I'm very lucky.''

The 'Arbitrage' actor and his wife are about to welcome a child into the world, but Richard has no worries about being an older father.

Asked if it was something that concerned him, he told the Sunday Times magazine: ''Not at all. No.'' The couple have kept very tight-lipped on whether they are expecting a son or daughter.

Richard said: ''Nobody knows because we haven't told anybody.'' The 'Officer and a Gentleman' actor is full of praise for his ''sensitive and sweet'' son Homer, who he claimed is already ''better'' than him.

He said: ''He's very sweet, very sensitive, very smart. He's smarter than me, stronger than me, faster than me, taller than me, better than me. He's great. I love him.''