LONDON-Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin revealed that she often writes more sober songs as she doesn't find happy tunes ''inspiring''. Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin has written ''two happy songs'' in her entire career.

The 51-year-old rocker, whose real name is Deborah Anne Dyer, revealed that she often writes more sober songs as she doesn't find happy tunes ''inspiring'' and when she feels unhappy ''most of the songs come out''.

In an interview with Diva magazine, she said: ''I think I've written one, maybe two happy songs in my career because it's just not inspiring for me. Everything in my songs has happened to me or someone close to me.

''When I'm happy I have a great time and I'm into it. But when I'm unhappy that's probably when most of the songs come out. ''

The 'Secretly' hitmaker is set to release a new Greatest Hits collection called '25LIVE@25' which marks 25 years of the British rock band and features a host of the group's biggest hits such as 'Weak' and 'Hedonism' and the star praised her bandmates Mark Richardson, Ace, Richard Lewis and Robbie France and insisted they're her ''family''.

She said: ''They've seen everything, all the changes all the lovers all the girlfriends all the wives. They've been there to pick me up when I've made my biggest mistakes and I feel closer to them than my family, to be honest.

''I think you're born with family and there's another family you choose. I've never been close to my family.

The 'Brazen' singer added that she doesn't regret attempting to conform to her family norms while growing up. She said: ''I have three brothers and a really Christian family. I think most people try and conform at first and then after a while you grow up and realise, 'Why am I doing that?' ''It's actually quite good to make that mistake because then you realise what freedom feels like.''