PESHAWAR - The Directorate of Sci­ence and Technolo­gy (DoST) Khyber Pak­thunkhwa has expedited work on developing the province’s first-ever sci­ence, technology and in­novation (STI) policy in the country.

The zero draft poli­cy would be presented before all stakeholders during national work­shop to be held on Febru­ary 13 here at local hotel.

According to an offi­cial document in today’s world, STI plays a pivotal role in the socioeconom­ic development as well as achieving sustainable de­velopment goals (SDGs), which has also been rec­ognised by UN, said an official document.

The process of socio­economic development was not only based on natural resources that a country or region pos­sesses but also on its STI capabilities.

In many countries, STI policies and strategies are formulated at cen­tral and provincial lev­el in addition to national policies. To achieve these objectives, DoST is in the process of development the first-ever provincial science, technology and innovation policy in Pa­kistan.

The DoST has start­ed consultation with all stakeholders in the first round and their input was obtained through holding of consultative workshop and surveys in preparation of zero draft of the policy. In the sec­ond round of consulta­tion, a national work­shop is being organised on February 13 here at a local hotel where zero draft of the policy would be presented before the stakeholders and ex­perts for their views and suggestions for im­provement before final­ising the draft policy.